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The South Texas Marksmanship Training Center, Inc.
(STMTC) was established as a Texas
Corporation in March, 2003.

An IRS determination was rendered in February
2004 designating the STMTC as a 501(c)(3)
non-profit, tax-exempt, tax deductible, charitable,
educational and amateur athletic sports training

The STMTC goals are marksmanship education
and training to broaden Texas amateur athletics
and to support activities that foster youth-based
National and International marksmanship competitions.

STMTC certified instructors strongly promote firearm safety, hunting safety, and
marksmanship training including competition level skills with a special emphasis on the
youth of Texas.

The STMTC benefits National and International marksmanship by working with youth,
women, those disabled, the military, law enforcement, hunters, clubs, re-enactors and
collector organizations who support Texas amateur competitive marksmanship teams.

Additionally, public education about firearm safety by the STMTC directly contributes to
and further enhances our state’s overall public well being, and public safety.

Marksmanship event fees and donations are utilized to purchase and maintain equipment,
maintain training facilities, support Texas based firearms related marksmanship efforts;
and to select and sponsor competitors in National and International marksmanship

An STMTC Scholastic Scholarship Fund was established for students wishing to attend
post secondary education while participating in National and International marksmanship

Individuals or Organizations wishing to contribute to STMTC marksmanship teams in
National and International competitions or to solely contribute to the STMTC Scholarship
Fund can donate to:

South Texas Marksmanship Training Center, Inc.
PO BOX 692173
San Antonio, Texas 78269
(Please indicate if donation is for Scholarship Fund only)

For further IRS-related organizational information contact:
George Becquet CSM USA (Ret)   210-661-8862

To make a financial or material contribution, send mail:

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