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STMTC offers tactical courses for the operator, law enforcement, security professionals and
law-abiding citizens. Courses include:

* Basic tactical / practical pistol
* Basic tactical / practical rifle
* Basic two gun tactics / defense
* Advanced two gun tactics / defense

STMTC sponsored professionals can come to your
facility or host and arrange accommodations for you
and your crew.

Most courses of fire are tactical / defense drills. STMTC
will periodically offer scored tactical / defense
training matches.

Certificates issued for law enforcement and military
training. Certified defense courses available for law
abiding citizens with appropriate references.

CLICK HERE to see multimedia presentations of STMTC's
tactical and defensive courses, conducted by South Texas'
Effective Defense Consulting Company.

CLICK HERE for a comparison of XM8, M4 and M16

E-mail STMTC Defense Director with specific questions
and requests for training to