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On 23 July 2011, the STMTC Tactical/Defense Director conducted an Introduction to Defensive Pistol course, on the
STMTC Range at the Blackhawk Shooting Facility near Atascosa. The class teaches the fundamentals of defensive
pistol shooting to shooters already proficient in basic firearms skills. The participants included two military retirees, one
former Military Policeman, and two advanced youth shooters, one of whom holds five national long-range rifle records.

The July class (photos below) was a beta run-through for a new lesson plan. Focusing on fundamentals, this particular
curriculum is designed specifically to take shooters from target shooting to run-and-gun, in one day. An end-goal is to
get shooters comfortable with moving while shooting, utilizing cover, and dealing with malfunctions. The randomly
occurring dummy rounds, used throughout the training, force trainees to take immediate corrective action.

We include youths and mildly handicapped shooters. If your group is already proficient in firearms handling and target
shooting, and your equipment operates reliably, we can run you through some solid drills. More advanced courses are
also available. Click on the email address link below to contact us.
To request a training session like this for your group or organization, contact