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STMTC routinely conducts tactical training drills, appropriate for law enforcement and
military, that are more technically challenging than what most personnel are exposed to. The
skills learned from our drills will prove invaluable in the field, and far surpass basic patrol
rifle and pistol training. Our drills and techniques are time-proven as safe, reliable and are
guaranteed to stretch skills and senses. Instruction By
Effective Defense Consulting Co.

Below are various multimedia samples of actual STMTC live-fire training courses. CLICK ON
PHOTOS to open related videos.

23 October 2011, STMTC conducted a
two-gun defensive training drill. Play video below
to see some of the activities the period of instruction entails.

23 July 2011, the STMTC Tactical/Defense Director conducted an
Introduction to Defensive
Pistol course, on the STMTC Range at the Blackhawk Shooting Facility near Atascosa.

23 April 2011 STMTC Tactical/Defense Director conducted an
introduction to tactical rifle
course. The class teaches shooters, whom are thoroughly proficient with their rifles,
defensive shooting fundamentals. All courses teach defensive philosophies as well as
shooting skills.

25 October 2012, STMTC conducted a tactical rifle drill. Click below to
see a muzzle's view
of Effective Defense Consulting Company's drills. Muzzle video courtesy
JW Tactical, shot
from a custom
JW Tactical suppressed, select-fire 9mm M4.

Click the video below to see the training from the muzzle of a suppressed submachine gun.

Click image to view extensive video of
Effective Defense Consulting Co. conducting various
tactical/defensive training drills, and Blackwater USA (Xe) at STMTC BlackHawk.

Click photo for the defense director's YouTube palylist, which includes video of Blackwater
working at our facility.
Contact STMTC's Director of Defense training at