Shooting can be a tremendously rewarding
sport, and firearms safety and proper
handling are very important lessons that
provide a solid foundation for enjoying the
shooting sports.

The STMTC sponsors various programs,
training sessions, and competitions for
young people interested in learning how to
shoot and/or compete. Individual juniors
wishing to participate can join. Contact the
Junior Programs Director for current

The STMTC also works in cooperation with other organizations, such as Boy Scouts, Girl
Scouts, JROTC units, 4H clubs, Civil Air Patrol, Sea Bees, High Schools, Home Owners
Associations and others to provide quality instruction in safe firearms handling and
marksmanship to youths in a safe environment.

If you belong to an organization or club,
from Sea Cadets to Civil Air Patrol, or a
school club that would be interested in
giving your members classes in firearms
safety and marksmanship, have your
sponsor or scoutmaster contact the Junior
Programs Director. While the STMTC does
have rifles and other equipment,
arrangements must be made in advance to
ensure availability for both equipment and instructors.

The STMTC holds both practice sessions
and competitions for juniors. Sessions
usually occur on the first Saturdays of each month at 08:00 AM. Training and Competitions
are conducted at the Blackhawk range located in the southwest area of Bexar County.  For
specific activities days, and prior to driving to the range, be sure to check the Calendar. If
you are traveling very far, please call first. NRA schedules matches always have priority on
the range and on rare occasions events are cancelled in order to accommodate special
state or national training schedules.

Junior program sessions, practice, and competitions are held at the Blackhawk Shooting
Range facility: 12135 Jarratt Road, Atascosa, TX 78002. Phone # (210) 622-5405. The
range has 17 firing point supporting 50 foot, 25, 50 and 100 yard fixed target frames. The
firing line is covered. The range has indoor restrooms with running water near the
Blackhawk Office, and is supplemented by a porta-john at the STMTC range. Range rules
are posted for you safety and the safety of others.

For junior members, the STMTC provides rifles (Remington 513T, Winchester 52Ds and
Anschutz Achievers / Achievers ST) rifles. Due to the high cost of ammunition, shooters
must provide their on 22 caliber long rifle ammunition.  Targets for use in the junior training
are provided by the SmallBore director.  A cost is charged for each training session or
competition. The amount is determined by what agency is sponsoring the event. Junior
training sessions cost is usually $5.00. However, Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA)
competitions and NRA Regional / State Championship Matches have additional fees for
their events.  TSRA annual membership is required for TSRA events and all NRA
competitions conducted by the TSRA plus there are incidental costs like award plaques,
metals and pins.

Current STMTC Annual Dues: $10.00 for Juniors; $40.00 for Adults.

For partnering organizations, costs and availability of equipment vary. Please contact the
Junior Programs Director or the SmallBore Director to make specific arrangements for your

All matches are governed by standard NRA / CMP and International rules.

Anyone interested in participating in the STMTC Junior program should contact our Junior
Programs Director for information and requirements.

■Targets used are the 50 foot 4-H, 50 yard, 50 meter international and 100 yard. The 50
meter has six bulls with 5 shots fired at each bull. A match typically consists of two targets
for 60 shots total.
■All scoring of targets is done by range officials.
■All juniors will go through a basic firearms course before being permitted to compete in
■The South Texas Marksmanship Training Center has purchased a number of  rifles for
junior training and competition.
■Equipment necessary to participating in training and matchs include: ear protection, eye
protection, empty chamber indicator (ECI), rifles and sufficient ammunition.
■Extra equipment a new shooter would find helpful during competition includes: a spotting
scope or binoculars, sight adjustment tools, extra magazine(s), masking tape, stop watch or
timer, something to drink, and some lunch or snacks.
■Actual SmallBore rulebooks can be ordered from the NRA on their
website or purchased
from the organization.

Contact for juniors programs:
South Texas Marksmanship Training Center
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