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STMTC pin matches are designed somewhat differently than most. Competitors fire at the
targets from 15-yards. The basic rules are posted below. You can also

The "Bowling Pin" training match will be conducted as follows:

TWO CATEGORIES: Rim fire or Center fire;  If there are enough participants there will be  

TWO SUBCATEGORIES in each: Iron Sights or Optics;

TARGETS: 5 bowling pins in a line on a 4' x 8' table.

PLACEMENT: Center fire @ 12" from the front edge and Rim fire 12" from the rear edge.

DISTANCE: 15 yards

AMMUNITION 12 rounds per shooter per run (2 magazines of 6 each or revolver with 6 extra)
**NOTE: No subsonic rim fire or low powered/velocity hand-loads allowed for safety reasons**

TIMED FIRE: 30 seconds per run maximum by electronic timer.

SCORING: 1 point for a pin knock down, 1 additional point for a pin off the table, 2 bonus
points for each unfired round remaining after all pins off the table..  Max possible score 24
points per run (5 pins on ground & 7 rounds left unfired).  Best 2 out of 3 runs for total score
aggregate wins. Ties are broken by lowest elapsed time.

PRIZE: Each category/subcategory winner receives $1.00 per contestant in that

COST: $15 per contestant in one category, $5 per additional category.