2019 Spring STMTC Vintage Military Rifle Postal Match
This one's a bit different from last
year's; distance increased from
50 to 100 yards, the aiming black
is slightly larger, and the required
rifle action is semi-auto, not bolt
action, e.g., any sem-iauto military
rifle designed prior to 1955,
caliber .256 (6.5mm) or greater,
up to .32 cal.

Note the lengthy date window to
participate; this allows scheduling
your range visits to avoid rainy
weather, since this event covers
springtime in South Texas. NOTE:
To ensure your results count, we
urge you to definitely not wait until
the last minute to participate. Just keep in mind the spirit and intent of this training: Get out
and exercise your vintage military firearm! Download and print targets beneath the

No match fee!

Eligible rifles:
Any semiauto military rifle designed prior to 1955, caliber .256 (6.5mm) or greater, up to .32
cal. Condition: as-issued, except repairs to maintain serviceability; upgrades as originally
introduced that would have been typically performed by arsenal or armorer during the rifle's
service life. Original-specification reproduction firearms and accoutrements are allowed.
Examples: a reproduction Unertl scope on a US M-1D sniper rifle, or a reproduction bipod
appropriate for a specific rifle.

• Shoot from any position: Standing, bench, prone, sitting, or kneeling.
10 rounds slow-fire and 10 rounds for rapid-fire (two targets). Unlimited
sighters on an extra target if you want to print one just for that.

Use any ammunition (including hand loads and cast bullets), unless
prohibited at the range where you will shoot. For example, incendiary
rounds or tracer ammo may be forbidden, due to dry conditions.

• Required equipment: Eye and ear protection.

• Optional equipment: prone mat/rug, period-type front rest (simple
sandbag or rags piled on board/brick/dirt-pile, etc.,), spotting scope,
non-competition glove(s), original or period-appropriate modern-repro
military-style sling and field jacket, bayonet.

• Be sure to fill out all the blanks on the target forms.

• Submit as many results as you have rifles that you want to enter. One entry per rifle. Be
sure to submit together for each rifle both the appropriate "Rapid Fire" and "Slow Fire"
targets. Self-scoring is optional. Match director will score/re-score all targets as needed.

• Submit targets NLT May 31st, 2019 using:
▪ Email scanned images or photos:
▪ Fax: 210-695-8925
▪ USPS: 8910 Oakwood Court, San Antonio, 78240-3592 postmarked on or before that date.
Questions? Call 210-385-0629 voice/text, or email

Allowing for slow USPS delivery, winners will be announced at the July STMTC meeting. If
there are enough entries, we may have winners in several different categories, like iron sight
and scoped, Allies and Triple-Entente/Axis, bench and prone, etc.

Navigate to these links for all the details and printable targets:

2019 Vintage Postal Match Rules and Guidelines

100-Yard Rapid Fire Target download

100-Yard Slow Fire Target download and South Texas Marksmanship Training Center
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